So, you’ve chosen your priority sites, set your dates, found a hotel, mapped everything, gathered details. 
In a kitchen, you’d say you’ve done your mise en place.  Now you have to cook the meal. 

Sketch out your days

Make a table or a document with headings and subheadings. Days, maybe half-days, lunch, dinner, evening.

Start with the things that will take a half-day or even a whole day, or those that have a specific date & time.
Check for constraints (closed Tuesdays, doesn’t open till 11, minimum 3 hours here) and drop them into the plan. 

You will probably utter some sulphurous oaths quite early in this process, as you realize that you can’t get from this museum to that restaurant in time for lunch.

To resolve these, you’ll drop down into the Ground-level details, and bring back key information to the day plan. This is where you work out how long you might be at X, and how long it might take you to get from X to Y, and when/where you might be able to grab some lunch.

Once it’s all working, you can advance to the Fine Details, and prepare your actual on-the-street notes.

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