This is it. You have prepared the kitchen, the oven is hot, you have all the ingredients. It’s time to make your masterpiece.

Here’s an example. It’s an evening in London, where my wife and her sister were off to one event and I was off to another, starting from our hotel. A third of a page covered it: 

notes for an evening out


  • This was distilled from three pages of details, where I looked at shows, chose one, found a performance, etc. etc.
  • I left out the details of the Opera House because they had been there before.
  • The travel details were from Google Maps; I had already checked that they matched London Transport’s details, and Google’s easier
  • We had agreed to meet afterward, and we all knew the way back to the hotel.

Another example

This is a church in Rome, a fairly simple entry. But note the red highlight; this one may not survive the process of fitting everything into days.

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