This is the 30,000-foot level I mentioned in the overview.
We document where we might go and what we might see, in not too much detail.

I suggest that you:

  • copy the questions below into a Word document, or equivalent,
  • discussing them and write down your answers
  • let them sit for a few days, then revisit them.

If you then agree that you’ve got it right, the next step is to see if it’s possible by sketching out flight availability, timing, etc.

The questions


  • What country or countries? What cities, towns and other specific places? Why?
  • What month? What date constraints are there? 
  • What’s the anchor – the must-see event or place? Is it date-specific?

Discuss it with your fellow travellers; add delete and change.

Once that’s nailed, what’s near there?  Might as well consider seeing that too.

  • Step 1: reachable by local train or a rented car, etc. 
  • Step 2: maybe worth adding an intercity train or a short flight? 
  • Step 3: you know, why don’t we just return home from Xxxx?

What airports (or other hubs) will get you to and from the key points? 

  • Note that flights to the EU via the UK may not be as easy as in the past; London Heathrow has a warning about that
  • Check Google Flights and maybe your favourite airline, or the one you have points with; look especially for whether they have a nice simple routing

We’re assuming that you’re planning now for travel later.  Even so, you need the latest information on what COVID-19 restrictions would affect you if you travelled now. Then you’ll have to find sources to help you predict what to expect when you travel. 

  • Latest info on where’s safe?
  • links to COVID information for countries, states/provinces and cities
  • London Heathrow and Singapore Changi speak well on how to do COVID planning
  • G site re airline route planning
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