We are regular walkers. I do 6-9 km at least four times a week, and try for 5 km the other days. We regularly do 10,000 steps a day on vacation in a city, and we’ve peaked at over 20,000. It’s tiring, and the tiredness adds up as the trip wears on.

Count all your steps when planning:

  • In and out of train and subway stations and airports
  • Around museums and art galleries
  • In lineups

Watch the hills. Our Maps page has a section near the bottom with a couple of links to sites that can help you plan your walk, check the elevation changes, and perhaps avoid some of them.

Plan your breaks, and plenty of them:

  • Coffee breaks and lunch, or just a drink
  • Museum benches, even if you don’t feel you need a break yet
  • If you schedule a longish walk, maybe the next stop can be a bit of a train or bus ride away
  • If a short movie is offered, sit down and watch it

Stay hydrated. And yes, coffee and beer and wine DO hydrate you; their diuretic effect is minor and happens later.

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